PUMPS EXPERT furnizeaza urmatoarele Pompe API Multi Etajate (BB2, BB3, BB4, BB5):


  • API 610
  • Horizontal, between bearing support, radially split, double volute, single stage, 2 or 3 stages
  • Single stage, single suction or double suction centrifugal pump
  • Reliable inter-stage bushings reduce  leakage between stages


Oil refinery, petrochemical, coal chemical, natural  gas industries, offshore oil plants, desalination plant,  etc. for pumping clean or containing particles, low  or high temperature, high pressure, neutral or  corrosive medium


  • API 610
  • Volute structure casing, center-line support, impeller symmetrical  arrangements
  • Suction and discharge arranged under the casing, dismounting and installation  without dismantling inlet or outlet  pipelines
  • Suitable for high temperature and high  pressure conditions


Oil exploitation, petrochemical, coal chemical, pipeline transportation, seawater desalination,  boiler feed water, hydraulic turbine, phosphorous  and decoking pump for steel mill, water injection,  etc.


  • API 610
  • Horizontal, single-casing, ring section multistage pump
  • Back to back and the same direction impeller arrangement types
  • Various suction and discharge direction options
  • Self-lubrication or forced lubrication system option


Crude oil transport, boiler feed water, hydro-treating  feed pump for heavy oil hydrogenation refinery  plant, high pressure decoking pump for steel plant


  • API 610
  • Horizontal, double-casing, centerline mounted, ring-section multistage pump
  • Horizontal, double-casing, axially split multistage pump
  • Ring-section inner core can be entirely pulled out without removing the dismantling inlet/outlet pipelines
  • Suitable for high temperature and pressure conditions


High pressure ash water transport, rich/lean amine solution pump for fertilizer and ammonia plant,  seawater desalination, high pressure recovery  turbine in chemical industry.

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